Suspicions, accusations, and an arrest will be the center of tonight’s episode of “Home and Away.”

Everyone is asking who set the fire at Leah’s house. Kat will ask Leah and Zac who they think started the fire, DigitalSpy reported.

Zac reluctantly implies it could be Billie after she asked them if they knew what it feels like to lose everything. But Matt disagrees, saying it doesn’t make sense for Billie to put Leah’s house ablaze and then run into it.

Matt then confronts Charlotte, accusing her of having a motive of setting the fire. Matt is referring to Charlotte’s sexy photos that he has, but she thinks Matt is being unreasonable.

Kyle and Ash will have a talk for the first time since Kyle learned about Phoebe and Ash’s feeling for each other. Kyle does not want to talk and tells Ash he doesn’t care about him and Phoebe anymore. Kyle rushes away to be with Billie in the hospital.

While Billie is recuperating at the hospital from the injuries she sustained during the fire, Kat arrives to arrest her.

Billie tries to convince Ash that she is not responsible for the fire and someone may have framed her. Ash just walks away. Will Ash believe her?

Leah worries after Zac told her that her house’s insurance coverage had expired while she was in coma.

Meanwhile, Samantha Jade has started filming for “Home and Away.”

Jade recently announced that she will be joining the Australian soap as the new “bad girl” in the Summer Bay.

The 28-year-old X Factor Australia winner has been spotted in Palm Beach set in Sydney this week. She wore red round neck shift dress accentuated with a black belt cinching, the Daily Mail reported.

Jade had said she will be playing the role of Isla, but declined to reveal more about her character and to who Isla will be connected in the show.

“It is really different for me and really exciting. I can’t say too much but my character comes to the Bay with some bad intentions and she is a bit of a bad girl with a dark past, which is definitely acting for me,” the singe revealed.

“Home and Away” airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:00 pm on Seven Network.