‘Home and Away’ 2015 Spoilers: Billie Caught by Police; Ash Reveals Brax is Alive

Chris will finally realize that Nate is innocent at today’s episode of “Home and Away.”

Nate will tell Chris that he will not do anything that will hurt Billie, Digital Spy reported.

Chris will later discover in Billie’s bag some evidence revealing that she made the posters of Kat that were posted around Summer Bay. He will show the evidence to Kat but she thinks those are not enough to drop the charges against Nate.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Ricky’s love ones are desperately searching for her. Ash is worried that she may do something that would harm herself.

Ricky ends up in a country cabin and will ponder on her happy memories with Brax.

On Tuesday, Ash will admit to Billie that Brax is alive. Billie will encourage Ash to tell Ricky the truth, but Ash says he is not sure that it is a good idea, Digital Spy reported.

Chris has a plan in mind to uncover the truth on what happened between Billie and Nate.

He asked Billie to meet up with him. She arrives with a wine in hand. While she gets some glasses for the wine, Chris secretly starts recording their conversation on his phone and then tries to persuade Billie into telling him the truth.

Just as Billie is about to reveal everything, she pulls the phone out of Chris’s pocket. She is furious about his deception and admits that she only framed Nate to get back at him and Kat for embarrassing her.

The front and back doors suddenly open, and Sergeant Emerson and other police officers walk in. Chris shows that he is wearing a wire.

Meanwhile, Ricky will have a conversation with Ash on tomorrow’s episode. Ricky will admit to Ash that she is not sad that Brax has gone. Phoebe and Kyle will hear their conversation. They will take Ricky back to Summer Bay.

John will suggest to Marilyn to have a baby of their own after they praised each other about how well they took care of Casey while Ricky is missing.

Denny will see Ash and Phoebe getting intimate.

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