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Hillary Clinton Records Big Win Over Sanders in South Carolina

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton secured a big win in the South Carolina primary beating Bernie Sanders by an almost 50 plus margin. The win before the Super Tuesday primaries has given Clinton a strong momentum.

The victory in South Carolina made Clinton the irrefutable Democratic front-runner, with the unwavering support of minority voters, as her opponent failed to attract African-American votes.

“Tomorrow this campaign goes national,” the BBC quoted Clinton as telling the cheering supporters.

Sanders congratulated Clinton on her win but said the campaign was just the beginning.  Clinton is leading him by almost 50 plus points, as 8 out of ten African-American voters cast their votes in favour of Clinton, according to exit polls.

The South Carolina primary is Clinton’s third win in four contests, after Iowa and Nevada. She lost New Hampshire to Sanders. Eight years ago, she lost South Carolina to the then-contender, Barack Obama.

“You sent a message – in America when we stand together, there is no barrier too big to break,” she told supporters after the polls closed.

The participation of black voters in South Carolina in this year’s polls has set a very high record. The record was set at 55 percent in 2008, the elections that gave America its first black president, the Washington Post reported.

Clinton’s win has come as a concern for Sanders, who despite his New Hampshire win, has apparently failed to connect with the Democratic Party’s minority vote bank. Clinton’s performance was boosted by the massive turnout of African-American voters, who voted prodigiously in her favour. This year, Clinton has managed to secure around 80 percent of South Carolina’s black voters.

In her victory speech, which was dominated by her new campaign agenda of breaking down the barriers between gender, race and economic background, she slammed Republican front-runner Donald Trump by saying, “Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great.”

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