Hillary Clinton on Landslide New York Primary Win: ‘I’ll Never Stop Fighting for You’

New York primary

The New York primary on Tuesday yielded positive results for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. The win propelled the Democratic frontrunner much closer to the party nominations for the presidential final race slated for November 2016.

“We started this race not far from here on Roosevelt Island,” CNN quoted Clinton as saying in her victory speech. “And tonight, a little less than a year later, the race for the Democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight.”

Clinton was declared the winner of the New York primary by early media projections, 40 minutes after the polls closed. According to the New York City Board of Elections, she bagged 57.7 percent votes with 96 percent of the city’s precincts reporting.

“Thank you, New York. You put your faith in me 16 years ago and again tonight. I’ll never stop fighting for you,” tweeted Clinton a short while after she was declared the winner.

Clinton holds the lead position in terms of delegates, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has, nonetheless, managed to win eight of the last nine Democratic elections. “I think the Clinton campaign and the secretary are getting a little bit nervous,” Sanders said after last week’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn.

A huge roar emanated as Clinton was declared the victor in Midtown, New York City, where she delivered her victory speech. She said that the victory has special significance for her. “There’s no place like home,” the New York Daily quoted her as saying. “We’ve won in every region of the country, from the North to the South, to the East to the West, but this one is personal.”

On his final day campaign at Times Square, Sanders blamed the system. “Today, three million people in the state of New York who are independents have lost their right to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary. That’s wrong,” he said.

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