Healthy Vending Machine in Australia Transits: 5 Best Meals in the Snack Dispenser

Australia is now focusing to provide consumers with healthy and semi-prepared meals. Their strategy? Making such meals available via a vending machine. reports that the new vending machine “dispense freshly made and nutritious fare, including paleo, gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free options.”

The site mentions that “health groups have long pushed for healthier food to be included in vending machines.”

In July, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence asked for such machines to be installed “in hospitals and council-run leisure centres in its new guidelines to prevent obesity.” On the same month, a joint survey by the University of Sydney and University of Wollongong found that 80% of consumers would want more nutritious meal options.

Queensland University of Technology consumer expert Gary Mortimer says, “Australians are now more focused than ever on sugar consumption, trans-fats, childhood obesity and BMI indexes, and as such their shopping behaviour has changed.”

Mortimer suggests that “businesses are thinking outside of what the traditional vending machine represents,” The Huffington Post Australia mentions.

Two Australian businesses are known for leading the way to provide healthy meals. They even refuse to be tagged for offering a “vending machine.”

According to, Melbourne based The Füd Revolution calls their machine “unmanned outlet” while the company from Brisbane, All Real Food, refers to theirs as “self-service cafes.”

The site notes that The Füd Revolution’s only vending machine in Melbourne has healthy and balanced meals which are prepared fresh each morning.

We’ve checked out the menu of The Füd Revolution as well as All Real Food. Here are some of what they are offering to consumers:

1. Meat Lovers Salads

All Real Food offers meat lovers salads which are fresh and uses home-made dressings. This is their Smoked Chicken Salad which is dairy free and glutten free.

2. Vegetarian Salads

The Füd Revolution provides salads with different mix and combinations. Their salads are “made in house, using locally sourced, organic, seasonal and sustainable produce.”

3. Organic Yoghurt

This is the Coconut Yoghurt which is housemade and “reminiscent of a thick greek yoghurt.”All Real Food claims that this yoghurt has no additives nor sweeteners.

4. Falafel

This is The Füd Revolution’s home-made Falafel which is gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and wheat-free.

5. Desserts

Who says you can’t have a healthy dessert?

The raw Caramel slice and other desserts from All Real Food are “free from refined sugar.”

Mortime told The Huffington Post Australia that in two years, we’ll certainly be seeing more of these healthy vending machines “particularly at the bottom of office towers, inside gyms and in high density living areas.”

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