Omega 3 fatty acids are key to the development of the fetus; hence, necessary for the mother to take them regularly. They will get to the fetus through the umbilical cord and mothers will be in a position to deliver a very healthy baby. These omega 3s allows the baby to mature on time while in the womb and gain reasonable weight.

Pregnant women also benefit from taking omega 3 supplements since it would mean safe delivery without complications. The hemoglobin level is well maintained ensuring that the mother cannot suffer anemia after birth or go through any complications. Unborn baby is also guaranteed to be safe and in good health before and after birth.

Below are the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for pregnant women:

Helps in fetal brain development

The Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to enhance proper and fast growth of the fetus’s brain. During the progress of your pregnancy week by week, ensure that you take omega 3 supplements for the sake of your child’s brain health. Take greens and ensure that your food is a balanced diet which is essential for speeding up the absorption of the omega 3 fatty acids. Pregnant women who feed on foods containing omega 3s have very bright children not just in school, but also later in life.

Reduces constipation to the mother

2 litres of water per day enhances proper digestion. In addition to fish, which are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, also consider other sources like nuts and greens. Constipation is common during pregnancy; thereby a need to feed on high fiber which can be found in green vegetables such as spinach. For the case of the nuts, you are supposed to take a handful which should be raw to enhance the intake of all nutrients. Cooked fish and greens are able to deliver most of the required nutrients in expectant mothers.

Improves immunity of the mother

A pregnant woman should avoid the intake of medicine or drugs to prevent affecting the baby. This brings another reason why one should take foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They help in boosting the mother’s immunity enabling resistance to diseases. A pregnant woman will be in a position to avoid drugs and injections because of these essential fats.

Source of energy

During pregnancy, energy is required to enable the mother to carry the extra weight. Therefore, intake of foods rich in omega 3’s will boost your energy levels. You should avoid eating less food but rather take small portions several times in a day. This will help you cope since hunger will always strike you after some time. Energy from Omega 3’s will help you perform your daily chores with little struggle and also exercise comfortably.

Reduces complications during and after birth

Pregnant women who know the health benefit of omega 3 fatty acids ensure they take them on a daily basis. This is because they do not want to have complications commonly experienced during and after delivery. The omega 3s prevents one from undergoing cesarean section and allows safe delivery. Women who undergo surgery usually get complications, such as anemia, and infections.

Enhance normal delivery

A woman who takes food rich in omega 3 fatty acids during pregnancy usually undergoes normal delivery. There is less blood lost and the baby is guaranteed to be in good health and have recommendable weight. The baby is also said to have good health after birth since it gained high immunity while in the mother’s womb.

Helps to  reduce insomnia

The 3rd trimester is usually very hectic and one may find it very hard to fall asleep. Ensure that you take foods that are loaded with omega 3s which enables you to fall asleep at night. You can also take a hot shower before going bed which helps to relax your body. Avoid taking drinks containing caffeine before going to bed.

Enhances good production of milk

During pregnancy, your body generally prepares for birth of the unborn baby. The breast prepares to produce milk which is the food for the unborn baby. Intake of greens, fish and nuts (rich in omega 3 fatty acids) help in production of enough milk for the young one. Breast milk is said to protect the baby from diseases and enhances fast growth.


Above are major benefits for pregnant women who consume foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In case you are one, ensure that you take them on a daily basis. This is by ensuring that you take them in every meal which will give you a smooth time all through the 9 months. Omega 3 fatty acids have no side effects on anyone. In fact, they improve your immunity giving you no room for taking drugs. In addition, they promote burning of calories and healthy weight gain since during pregnancy one is required to add some pounds.