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Headless Women: How Hollywood Uses Sex For Movie Marketing


There is one apparent strict rule in movie marketing especially in Hollywood. The rule is to avoid showing a woman’s entire face on a movie poster, whenever possible.

Somehow these marketing strategies have no issues while reducing a woman to her legs, lips, or her torso.

The Tumblr “The Headless Women of Hollywood” focuses on movie posters. All of them share a disgusting design feature: the women in them are faceless or headless.

The reason behind such moves, according to AV Club, is sexual. If a woman’s eyes, nose, and mouth are all visible at the same time, people might get the image that she’s an “individual and not an interchangeable sex object.”

“Visionary, extraordinary, unsettling. A classic.” – The Dissolve

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The Tumblr was initiated by stand-up comedian Marcia Belsky.

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The Tumblr “The Headless Women of Hollywood” says that she seeks to “bring attention to the still standard practice of fragmenting, fetishising and dehumanising the images of women we see in film, TV, book covers, and advertisement.”

日曜映画② 『ラヴレース』 私をスターにした最悪で華麗な17日間。 * 1972年製作のポルノ映画「ディープ・スロート」(72)で一世を風靡した女優リンダ・ラブレースの半生を、「レ・ミゼラブル」のアマンダ・セイフライド主演で描いたドラマ。 * コレも気になってたし①と同じ方のオススメでやっと観れた。同じ女性として胸が痛くなった。 * 【ディープ・スロート】 全米6億ドル以上の興行収入を上げた伝説のポルノムービー。 リンダ・ラブレースは「自由なるアメリカのセックスシンボル」として祀り上げられたが、後年映画へは旦那に銃で脅されて無理矢理出演させられただけで、そんなことは全く望んでいなかったと衝撃告白。ディープスロートの技術も強制的に習得させられたもので、撮影中にオェーッ!ってならないように様々な道具で喉を突付かれたと語っている。引退後は反ポルノの提唱者となり、大学で講演を行ったり、ポルノ問題を調査する連邦議会の委員会で証言を行うなど精力的な活動を続けながら、2002年4月、交通事故でこの世を去った。

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Belsky also has a Twitter account about the same thing. According to Belsky, the message behind the idea is simple: “WE WANT HEADS!”

She asks if gender equality is actually an objective in cinema, it can never be achieved while women are being cropped up for spare parts in such advertisements.

The regular mutilation and finally dehumanisation of women in movie marketing has become common.People may not even be bothered by it.

“The systematic objectification and dehumanization of female bodies that we are numb to on a daily basis,” Belsky writes on the Tumblr page.

Belsky has a whole lot of weapons for her Tumblr account. She also welcomes submissions from readers, says Mashable. She also talks about the use of headless men in posters and how it differs from headless women.

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According to her, headless men in posters or ads never show mindlessness or monotony. Most importantly it isn’t usually sexual in nature.

The focus is not appeal to the opposite gender in case of headless men. “They are an engaged, unique and clear part of the joke.” Belsky said.

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