Steve McGarrett has his life on the line all the time in “Hawaii Five-0.” It’s no surprise that he will always face danger considering the risky job that he has. But it seems like the brave Navy Seal almost ran out of luck during the “Hawaii Five-0” season 6 finale.

WARNING: The following content contains spoilers for “Hawaii Five-0” season 6 finale.

Fans were treated to an action-packed episode during the finale of “Hawaii Five-0” season 6. But just as they tried to catch their breath from the thrilling scenes, they had to gasp after realizing that Steve McGarrett suffered a major injury and looking at his wounds will have you think of the possibility that he might not survive it at all.

Since it was “Hawaii Five-0” season 6 finale, they were definitely looking to end the season with a bang. Luckily for the fans of Steve McGarrett, he will survive his injuries with the help of his partner Danno, played by Scott Caan, who willingly gave half of his liver, Christian Times reported.

Showrunner Peter Lenkov opened up to Entertainment Weekly regarding his plans for the opening of “Hawaii Five-0” Season 7. “What you’ve got to remember is McGarrett’s recovering, so I’m going to start the season with him coming out of the hospital, so it’s going to be less than four months,” he said.

Lenkov noted that Steve McGarrett will be taking more time finding a reason to stay in his dangerous job after realizing that life is too short.

“When somebody has a near-death experience, they start to reflect on their life, and I think that he’s going to do that. He’s going to look back and say, ‘What’s my legacy here? I almost died, and what do I have? I’ve lost my father, I’ve lost my mother, I’ve lost the woman that I’ve loved,'” Lenkov shared.

He then added that “He just starts to reflect on everything, the choices that he’s made and looks for a reason to continue doing what he’s doing. That’s going to play a little bit of a theme next year. McGarrett may be being a little more aware of his mortality, and also his legacy of what am I going to leave behind?”