Danny and McGarett’s squabbles will continue according to Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 spoilers. This is despite the fact that the former saved Steve’s life during the last season.

Showrunner Peter Lenkov teased Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 spoilers to Entertainment Weekly that even if McGarett is grateful that Danny gave half of his liver, Steve will do things that will make the former regret that he donated an organ in the first place.

“I love the idea that McGarrett is going to abuse that organ because McGarrett is a person who abuses himself and puts his life in danger all the time,” he told Entertainment Weekly, adding that as a result, “Danny is going to resent the fact that he saved his life.”

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International Business Times noted that fans may remember Steve nearly losing his life in an intense fight with Shioma’s crew. Nevertheless, Gabriel didn’t survive the chaos but Chin is stepping forward to take care of the baby.

Meanwhile, Lenkov teased even more Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 spoilers as he said that Catherine will definitely come back in future episodes. In fact, he said that she should have made an appearance while Steve was in the hospital with Catherine coming back to his bedside but that would just be manipulating the audience’s emotions.

Plus, they did a similar thing when Catherine came back during Grace’s wedding. In fact, the showrunner said that Catherine was written into the original script but had to be scratched out when they realized the mistake they were about to do.

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But will Catherine be back in Hawaii Five-0 Season 7? “I hope so. Yeah, hope so,” adding that he felt guilty about writing off Catherine in the finale. “It just felt wrong, now I have the luxury of another 25 stories at least, so I can do it in a different way.”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 will return to CBS this fall although there’ no exact release date yet. There should be plenty of spoilers before the show’s air date which will be published here when they come along.