Baseball fans were treated to a sliver of horror in a haunted Japanese baseball game.

In a game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakult Swallows, Sadako, the famous protagonist from The Ring, and mother-and-son Kayako and Toshio from The Grudge graced the first pitch of the baseball game.

Cutting short the cheerleaders’ routine, the widescreen showed a white screen through which Sadako emerged in the arena using her signature entrance.

As the characters entered the field, players from both teams were all smiles instead of cowering and running in fear.

Kayako of The Grudge fame readily stepped up to the batting plate to face Sadako’s pitch. Meanwhile, Toshio sat awaiting his mother’s bat.

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At 96 kilometer per hour, Kayako sent the baseball flying to the edge of the field. Her son Toshio gave her a high five before running to the first base. What’s more intriguing was that Sadako was able to deliver a good pitch even with her knee-length hair completely hiding her face.

With perfect pitching and batting skills, even the pros were impressed with the horror pair. Could Sadako and Kayako switch to baseball after their joint movie contract?

Fox Sports reports that the haunted baseball game’s first pitch is part of the promotion for the Sadako vs Kayako film.

As for the ambiance inside the event, The Verge’s Chris Plante who witnessed it firsthand says it was “unpredictable and unabashedly ecstatic.”

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Sadako comes from the famous horror franchise The Ring while mother-and-son Kayako and Toshio first spread fear into moviegoers’ hearts in The Grudge.

Sadako vs Kayako has joined forces to inspire fear and scare horror fans in their newest film. The film started as an April Fools’ joke but it seems the following and support were stronger than the joke, so the film was made. As in the haunted Japanese baseball game, the vengeful spirits will be facing off in the film, and moviegoers should expect to bring a lot of courage.