Zayn Malik shocked fans when he left One Direction in 2015. The departure damaged their friendship, especially with Harry Styles. However, there are rumors that they are friends again.

Malik wanted to become a solo artist even though he said that he would like to become a “normal 22-year old.” He shocked fans even more when he released his first album, Mind of Mine.

After he left the boyband, several outlets claimed that he has a beef with his former group. However, the latest report revealed that Zayn Malik is not really “slamming anything.”

The Sun quoted the solo artist saying that he does not want to feel superior just because he is a celebrity. “I hate the word celebrity. I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, thinking of yourself as a celebrity because then you somehow automatically think that label makes you superior to other people.”

On the other hand, the public misunderstood Malik more often than the other One Direction member. When he says “I hate”, it instantly meant that he “slams” something.

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Inquistr noted that Malik and Styles are two different people, with their own ways of expressing themselves. There is a possibility that the Pillowtalk singer is not really slamming One Direction members at all.

Notably, he just said that he was free at last. “I know that musicians are seen as one-sided people a lot of the time. But we do have other elements to us as well. I didn’t feel good. Do you know what I mean? And if you don’t feel good … You need to be able to express what it is that you are. I’m free at last.”

Does this imply that their friendship is still there? Readers haven’t really heard about Zayn Malik and Harry Styles talking about each other yet so stay tuned.