Is One Direction really over?  Will member Harry Styles say goodbye to music for good? Is he also set to cancel his plans for a solo album? Will he be picking his acting career instead?

Rumours that the British band has split have yet to be confirmed. And so are news about Styles’ solo projects. However, the UK-based singer might just use his band’s hiatus to work on an acting career. According to Variety, Styles has been tapped to star in “Dunkirk,” a film by Christopher Nolan. “Dunkirk” gets its title from the French city that a British fleet of more than 800 boats rescued during World War II. Nolan’s movie is set to explore the story of this historical military evacuation.

Nolan is reported set to direct and produce the film with his wife, Emma Thomas. Styles was chosen after the pair conducted “an extensive casting search.” The singer is joining a cast that includes Tom Hardy and fellow film newcomer Fionn Whitehead. Other confirmed cast members are Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh. Styles’ exact role in the movie has yet to be revealed. But it’s somewhat likely that he will take on a military role. Do you think Styles could pass as a soldier?

According to LA Times, filming for Styles’ film debut is expected to begin in May. Nolan will reportedly use “many of the same locations where the true-life events took place.”

“Dunkirk” is set to hit the big screen on July 21, 2017.

Styles’ solo album, meanwhile, has no confirmed release date as of now. Rumours of 1D’s end have been hounding the band since Zayn Malik left early last year. Styles has been part of the band since they got together in 2010. He has released five studio albums with the band. One Direction is currently on hiatus.