It has been reported a few days ago that One Direction Harry Styles has been “devastated” as he hinted on social media. The lad shared some cryptic one-liner lyrics of some songs and an Instagram photo that was captioned as if he is missing someone. Meanwhile, a shocking news floats out of nowhere claiming that his rumoured girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, cheated on her with Chris Brown.

The model was spotted eating out with Brown as they met up in Paris for Fashion Week on March 6, reported Hollywood Life. The celebrity website noted that Jenner and Brown have been friends for quite a long time and a blossoming romance is possible.

The rumoured couple was with Hailey Baldwin, who is claimed as well to be in an on and off romantic relationship with Justin Bieber. However, The Biebs was out of sight and no details about his whereabouts during that time were written.

Even though her relationship with Styles was never confirmed, some people might assume that her alleged date with Brown could cause a stir among some die-hard Directioners and she could be accused of cheating on the 1D heartthrob. It has also been reported in the past that Styles dumped the high fashioned model because he does not want to commit.

Prior to the latest buzz, a source revealed on another Hollywood Life article that Jenner hoped thing could get serious with Styles but to no avail.

“At this point in her life, [Kendall Jenner] is ready for a serious relationship,” the insider revealed.

“Kendall wanted more and Harry wasn’t ready to fully commit. They aren’t on bad terms or anything, but Kendall isn’t going to wait around for Harry to make the next move, which would be to make a serious commitment and follow up with concrete actions. She wants a guy who’s going to walk the walk,” the source elaborated.