Harry Styles, a Strict Brother! Tells Gemma’s Date to ‘Behave’

Wikimedia/ Ogled v brskalniku

Harry Styles seemed very distracted while performing at the Apple Music Festival in London. But no one knew what Harry was going through ’til he announced it publicly. No, those worries were not his nerves for the show but his sister and her date.

“I apologize if I seem a little distracted,” Harry told the crowd at the Apple Music Festival, noted MTV News.

“My sister’s on a date. I’m trying to keep an eye on it. Behave yourself… It’s disgusting!”

The timid brother also kept browsing through the crowd, checking on her in between the performances.

The One Direction teen heartthrob surely doesn’t have the eyes of an eagle but somehow he was still able to spot his elder sister romancing from the stage.

After this episode, we’re sure Gemma’s must’ve been so embarrassed and maybe felt a bit angry too.

Not only Harry but his band member Liam Payne also joked about Gemma and shouted out from the stage saying, “He’s watching you…We’re all watching you.”

Aside from picking on his sister, Styles also joked about the men in the audience seemingly not enjoying their set. not “There are a couple of dads up here who don’t look very impressed. They work for the record label. They’re like, ‘When does this finish?” E! Online quoted.

The band has also revealed their new album “Made in the A.M.” which is now available on pre-order today. The full album is to be released on November 13. Although there have been many reports that this would be the bands last album as they  are taking a break, One Direction confirmed they are not splitting and will be back soon.


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