Pokemon Go launched two weeks ago, but it has already begun to change the way people see video games. Most video games typically take place in the virtual realm. Nintendo’s latest game, on the other hand, showed that you can actually bring both virtual and real elements together in a single game. Will other game developers follow suit? Will the next Harry Potter game, in particular, really get the Pokemon Go treatment, as well?

The most recent Pokemon game made players physically go out and walk around to collect virtual monsters and items in real-life locations. This proved so much fun for gamers, though, that some have started demanding for more games like this. Will one popular gaming studio give in to this demand? Will the Boy Who Lived’s adventures become an augmented reality game soon?

The studio behind this franchise, Warner Bros., has yet to announce anything in connection to the next Harry Potter game. However, according to The Independent, Pokemon Go‘s popularity might just urge the studio to make a similar game soon.

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If Nintendo’s success with Pokemon Go isn’t enough to convince Warner Bros., though, thousands of Potterheads have already signed a petition urging them to reconsider. These fans have further given the studio suggestions for the game’s overall theme.

Some want the game to let players cast spells in real life and to allow players to engage in wizard duels. The petitioners even suggested letting certain spells, like the Disarming charm (Expelliarmus!), to actually disable their opponent’s app for a few seconds.Others, meanwhile, want the Harry Potter augmented reality game to facilitate a search for magical creatures, like dragons, hippogriffs, house elves, and goblins.

Will Warner Bros. really make an augmented reality Harry Potter game? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.

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