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Halloween Costume Ideas 2015: 20 Sexy Costumes for Women


With Halloween just around the corner, many women out there are probably wondering what to wear to look either the scariest and the sexiest from the lot. Here’s a list of ideas put together so you can pick out what you will be dressed as for the Halloween party:

1.Cookie Lyon From “Empire”

As shared by PopSugar, this look requires a tight dress, high-heels, leather and fur for add-ons to give that touch of power.

2. Jasmine from “Aladdin”

A turquoise colored two-piece attire and a tiara akin to one worn by Jasmine should complete the look, as shared on PopSugar.

3. Super Girl

Throw on a Super Girl costume and charge out to imitate your favorite savior.

4. Wonder Woman

Who wouldn’t love adorning the classic yet sexy Wonder Woman costume?

5. Joy from “Inside Out”

A simple green shift dress and a blue wig is all that is required for you to go around spreading Joy much like the “Inside Out” character, as shared by PopSugar.

6. Eve

It shouldn’t be hard to dress up as Eve, a leafy two-piece costume should do it and carry the forbidden red apple for added effect.

7. Sexy Nurse

Putting on a sexy white nurse costume on Halloween never goes out of style.

8. Cinderella

Yes! The classic Disney character but this time around put on a gorgeous blue ball gown on the lines of the one form the latest Cinderella movie.

9. Unicorn

Become a Unicorn by wearing an all white dress or throw on white denims and t-shirt and cutout a cone and ears out of cardboard to add that to your look, as shared by Woman’s Day.

10. Runaway Bride

As noted by Woman’s Day, a sexy white dress, sneakers and head or a wristband is all that is required. Need we say more?


11. Santa’s Elf

Dressed in green with a pointed hat and elfish shoes are sure to make anyone look cute as a button.

12. Deer

It comes down to the makeup in this one and do put on those adorable antlers. Makeup directions here.

13. Deviled Egg

An all white ensemble with a yellow paper circle cutout to be worn on the chest that represents the yolk. Throw in the Devil’s tail and horns to stay true to being the Deviled Egg, as shared by Woman’s Day.

14. The Fairy Godmother

Who didn’t love Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother in the latest remake of the classic? Throw on a white ball gown, a blonde wig and don’t forget the wand, as shared by PopSugar.

15. Ellaria Sand

“Games of Thrones: fans can dress up like Ellaria Sand form their favorite show. All that is required is a black slip dress, with padded shoulders, a brown belt and smoky eyes. You get the drift!

16. Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

With Emma Watson starer Beauty and the Beast in the headlines, play Belle this Halloween. Throw on a yellow dress and get creative with this one.

17. Tourist

Dress up in casuals with a fanny pack, a camera and carry a souvenir to complete the look, as noted by Woman’s Day.

18. A Vampire

Make your skin look pale and add blood dripping from your lips, voluminize your hair to look quite a sexy Vampire, as shared by BuzzFeed.

19. The Wicked Witch

This no hassle costume needs a back cape and a pointed witch hat and an all black dress. And anyone can rock this look! Throw on some makeup for added effect.

20. Bat

Use an umbrella to create batwings and let your creativity run wild with one, as shared by BuzzFeed.

Need not forget anyone can add a dash of sexy to these choices by selecting the right kind of dress to do-up the looks.

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