Gwen Stefani’s romantic relationship with Blake Shelton has been going smooth but rumors have it that they already want to have a baby. But their dream of building their own family has reportedly been crushed due to the rumors that Stefani miscarried their child.

Friends of the No Doubt singer were allegedly worried about her, notes Hollywood Life. According to the website, the singer was reportedly seen unhappy leaving the Cedars-Sinai Medical center on Feb. 22.

“She doesn’t want to talk about it, but her friends are afraid she might have had a miscarriage or was told that she can’t have any more kids,” cited from a Star magazine report. “Gwen must be devastated. I think she’s scared that Blake will leave her if she can’t have his baby,” the source added.

It may be devastating to the couple should the news be true, but Hollywood Life went on to reveal that the couple “looked more into each other than ever” during the Oscars red carpet on Feb. 28.

In a separate news, a source close to the couple explained the secret to their seamless relationship. As per People report, the insider said that Stefani and Shelton turned the “lemons into lemonade.”

“She tried so hard for the kids to keep the marriage together. Then here came this ray of sunshine who did make her smile, and now he’s one of the most positive people in her life,” the source said. “They have turned lemons into lemonade and have turned a bad situation for both of them into something great. They’re both much happier.”

The couple was rumoured to be dating after both went through a divorce. Stefani had broken up with his former husband for 13 years, the Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. On the other hand, Shelton and his ex-wife Miranda Lambert called it quits in 2015 as well.