Have Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton really broken up? Or have they secretly gotten engaged? Contradicting rumours have always hounded the couple since they first got together. Which of the rumours are real? And which ones are fake?

According to Gossip Cop, Stefani and Shelton are still together. Rumours of their split are unfounded. This leaves fans with one more rumour to confirm or debunk. Will they actually marry soon? Stefani was last week spotted wearing a diamond ring at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango concert. Some speculate that what the singer was wearing was an engagement ring. Others  suggest that it’s not even a real diamond ring. What’s the real score? Will Gwen Stefani be Gwen Shelton soon? Or was the ring actually fake?

Gossip Cop confirmed that the diamond ring is not fake. But it is not an engagement ring, either. Shelton has yet to pop the question. “The piece of jewellery in question simply isn’t an engagement ring,” the gossip site said. “We checked in with several very reliable sources close to the couple…none of whom have heard anything about an engagement.”

Hollywood Life also debunked the rumour that the couple will marry soon.  “It is not an engagement ring from Blake. But it is Gwen’s attempt at giving Blake the hint that he should ask soon because she is more than ready for it to happen,” the source told the gossip news site. “During Wango Tango, she didn’t talk to anyone about actually being engaged because she is not yet. But she talked about how things were going great with Blake and how she was looking forward to the future. She knows they both have their albums and their tour to worry about…but if he is ready to pop the question she is ready to say yes!”