‘GTA 5’ Update DLC: Freemode & More! Everything You Need to Know

“Grand Theft Auto 5’ Online Freemode Events update is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The update offers events and challenges which can activate any time, Yahoo News UK wrote.

The update also carries the PC version of “GTA 5” Rockstar Editor video creation suite for the PS4 and Xbox One, alongside with the Director Mode.

The Rockstar Editor was first released in April 2015 for the PC consoles.

According to IGN, the upgraded Rockstar Editor has new features including Snapmatic Integration, an Ambient Audio Library, and better editing tools. In addition, it also offers two brand new Adversary Modes: “Cross The Line” and “Hunting Pack.”

IGN described the “Hunting Pack” like “Speed meets Mad Max”, where players battle to protect or destroy a vehicle packed with explosives. In “Cross the Line” mode, on the other hand, each player of a team needs to cross the enemy’s line in order to win.

Director of Design at Rockstar North Imran Sarwar revealed to IGN the inspiration behind one of the best new challenges in the latest update – the “Hunt the Beast.”

“One day during one of the big GTA Online playtests we do across the studios, we could hear someone breathing and grunting heavily into the mic, something anyone who plays games online has probably experienced. No one knew who it was, so tracking the person down became priority number one. That gave us the idea of a mode that used audio cues to chase a monster across the city – and thus Hunt the Beast was born,” Sarwar explained.

He also assured that GTA 5 Online is far from its end. “As long as people continue to play and enjoy GTA Online, we will keep making content and evolving the experience. We still have a ton of ideas that we’d like to see make it into the game and are going to continue pushing the limits of what’s possible,” he said.

Full rundown of features can be view here.

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