GTA 5 Online: New DLC Update Released; Sasquatch Peyote Secret Revealed

A “Grand Auto Theft 5 Online” gamer has revealed the secret on how to uncover the Sasquatch Peyote secret in a Reddit thread.

According to IGN, this allows players to transform into the missing link, also known as “Bigfoot.”

Reddit user, named rKRusty, shared his discovery in a thread titled “Holy mother of God I found the Sasquatch Peyote.”

rKRusty lays out the complex conditions that need to be done to find the mysterious peyote button that will trigger the Sasquatch transformation.

IGN explained how challenging it is to find and transform into Bigfoot. The site said it depends on several factors and it requires a lot of digging in the game’s code and referenced files. IGN said all other peyote buttons need to be found before the golden Sasquatch button will appear. In addition, it can only be found on Tuesdays between 5:30 and 8:00 am with either foggy conditions on PC or snow on consoles. When the character ate the button, it will cause hallucination in which the character becomes the legendary Bigfoot.

Meanwhile, another GTA 5 tipster and YouTuber, MrBossFTW, warned GTA 5 Online players about a bogus Rockstar employee who is trying to scam players and steal their money.

The International Business Times reported that MrBossFTW was asked to pay $250 via PayPal or risk being prosecuted and getting his YouTube channel suspended. The fake Rockstar personnel also claimed that he holds the copyright for the Rockstar material.

GTA 5 Online recently launched its latest Freemode Events update for PS4, Xbox One and PC last week. It added new events and challenges, and the Rockstar Editor video creation suite for the PS4 and Xbox One, alongside with the Director Mode.

The upgraded Rockstar Editor also has new features including Snapmatic Integration, an Ambient Audio Library, and better editing tools. In addition, it also offers two brand new Adversary Modes: “Cross The Line” and “Hunting Pack.”

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