A new update is coming to “GTA 5 Online” and it is a must-watch for fans of the beloved “Grand Theft Auto” franchise.

GameSpot reports that Rockstar Games, the developer behind “GTA 5 Online”, announced that an update is coming for the multiplayer mode of “Grand Theft Auto V”. According to the website, the free update will be called Executives and Other Criminals which will allow players to become VIPs and enable them to establish crime rings.

The website also lists other things that the free expansion brings such as new customizable apartments and homes in Vinewood Hills and a Super Yacht. It is safe to say that the free DLC has a lot more to offer.

Meanwhile, IGN also lists other inclusions of the DLC.

According to the website, the expansion will incorporate new gameplay modes such as the Extraction Adversary Mode and Co-Op jobs in Freemode. Apart from gameplay, IGN also mentions that more items will be made available for gamers such as new weapons and other new properties.

In terms of developing organizations, Game Zone discusses that VIPs who establish their own crime ring will be able to hire and fire players for their team of bodyguards. In addition, the website shares that organizations will be able to face each other in Freemode where access to executive defense options are available.

In terms of these executive defense options, Game Zone lists them as follows:

New armored vehicle variants (like the Turreted limo)
Missile defense system of the Yacht

However, as packed as this update will be, gamers on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will only be the ones able to enjoy the luxury living in “GTA 5 Online”.

The report by GameSpot suggests that the expansion will not be available to players on Xbox 360 and PS3; however, no reason was cited.

The Executive and Other Criminals expansion is scheduled to be available on Tuesday, December 15.