GTA 5 ‘Halloween’ DLC Download Includes New Spooky Shirts & More!

Grand Theft Auto fans are eagerly waiting for the release of GTA “Halloween” DLC and the annual update is coming closer much to the relief of the desperate fans. But that is not all. There is definitely something spooky about the whole GTA 5 download.

The makers of the open world, action-adventure video game has announced the downloadable version of the “Spooky” DLC of the game and those who want to celebrate Halloween, it would be a dream come true.

DomisLive GTA 5, on his youtube profile, has released a video related to the Halloween DLC concept of the game. He has mentioned about the downloadable “spooky” content, every year to mark Halloween.

The youtube video mostly deals with the wearable items and the custom apparels you can get from the update. VineReport notes, “The first shirt that he shows viewers has a jack-o’-lantern design.” Then the viewers note his character changes his outfit to a shirt that says “Keep Calm and Give Me Candy”.

GTA fans could use this feature to customise their shirts like the way he does in the video. He was seen flaunting “This is my Halloween costume”, “Boo” which comes with a ghost print and a shirt with the word “Halloween” featuring a bloody knife along with it.

With the release of this spooky version, fans would be more than happy to download the DLC in time for Halloween.

Fans are hopeful about the release but there is no apparent word from the game developers, Rockstar Games. “We’re definitely working on more vehicles among other things for you to collect for future updates – please make sure to stay tuned here at the Newswire for more info about that soon,” the VineReport noted the developer explaining on their website.

The game is available across all platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and digital download, and is priced at $59.99 per copy.

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