‘GTA 5’ DLC, Mods & News: Story Mode Update Coming Soon?

“Grand Theft Auto V” gamers may soon receive an update for the game’s story mode after reports reveal Rockstar Games is working on a new story DLC.

Game developers have been very busy working on the online mode of “GTA 5” that the main story of mode of the game seems to have been forgotten. However, a Christian Post article hints that Rockstar might be working on a new DLC.

“There are pictures and recent trademark filings that suggest that the studio is preparing for its next big project. The news was culled from tweets coming from Gamescom 2015 attendees,” the site noted.

Rockstar is known to produce interesting story mode DLCs for its video games, so should the development team release an update soon, fans can expect it to be a major improvement to the game mode. Especially since “GTA 5” seems to be the best “Grand Theft Auto” installment in the series.

As a matter of fact, more than 54 millions copies of “GTA V” have been shipped all across the world already, a two million bump from about 52 million just three months ago, GameSpot reported.

The announcement was made by Take-Two Interactive on Monday as part of its earnings report.

“Overall, Take-Two revenue rose by 142 percent to $366.4 million, compared to $151.6 million during the same period last year. The company posted an overall profit of $34.2 million for the quarter, which was much better than the $11.2 million net loss that Take-Two last recorded last year,” GameSpot noted.

Much on its revenue came from “GTA 5” and “GTA Online”.

The surge in the purchase and play of “GTA 5” can also be attributed to the growing number of modifications available for the game, including new vehicles, weapons, tools and an Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor.

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