The Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw who plays Arizona will be back in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. In the previous season, the actress took some time off after giving birth from her character in the show. She has been in New York visiting her ex Callie with their daughter Sofia.

In season 12, the story of Arizona revolved around dealing with her custody issue with Callie. However, it has been settled by the end of season. On the come back of Arizona this new season, she will be having a real love interest for the brand new season.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Capshaw talked about Arizona’s future on getting a new love interest for this season. She talked about what would Arizona’s dating journey will look like.

“The beginnings of Callie and Arizona weren’t steeped in some long, drawn-out or deep drama. It was fun and exciting and involved dancing. It was the light and excited beat music that played under all their scenes. I think it’d be great if that came back now,” Capshaw said.

She also shared that she still does not know what the character will be but she’s filled with excitement and she’s hoping it will be fun and sexy. 

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According to the report of Hall of Fame, Capshaw said she had no idea that Sara Ramirez who played Callie, Arizona’s ex-lover, is not returning for Season 13. She also shared that she felt weird to come back on set with Ramirez.

Meanwhile, now that Arizona is back at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she’s caught off everything that’s happening between Alex and DeLuca, and later on confronted Alex. Fans should not miss the come back of Arizona, especially her new love interest.

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