The new episode trailer for Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 teased that Amelia is set to have a baby soon. This means that Owen and Amelia are going to be parents. Would this baby help Amelia fix their marriage issues?

The trailer shows that Amelia did not take any pregnancy tests to make sure if she’s really pregnant. Rather, she just believes that she is indeed having a baby.

As seen on Melty, the trailer for episode 5 begins with April and Meredith congratulating and hugging Amelia. However, Meredith finds out that Amelia hasn’t tried any pregnancy tests yet.

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Watch the trailer to have a sneak peak of Grey’s Anatomy Episode 5:

Amelia insists that she’s never late for her period. “You just think you’re pregnant? I hugged you and you haven’t even peed on a stick yet?” Meredith asks Amelia. She then hands over a pregnancy test to find out ‘feeling pregnant’ is true or not.

In a report by iTech Post, Caterina Scorsone, who plays the role of Amelia, is actually pregnant in real life. This may be the reason why she needs to be pregnant this season.

However, according to Scorsone, Grey’s Anatomy fans won’t see her real-life pregnancy since the show will not include it in Amelia’s storyline. They have to hide her baby bump for the show.

“The show will require some very fancy footwork for the director of photography,” Scorsone said.

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Speculations state that Amelia’s pregnancy might just be a false alarm. Hence, it may be revealed that she’s not capable of having a child.

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