Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” will definitely rejoice as the producer of the award-winning show is said to have something currently in the works.

The American romantic medical drama TV series has been going on for ten years now. It’s currently on its twelfth season and no wonder fans are looking forward to a sequel or spin-off. According to reports, a new project is being brought together by the collaboration of the trio Shonda Rhimes, Betsey Beers, and Zoanne Clack — famous names behind “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Buzzfeed got the latest scoop that writer Shonda Rhimes will be producing another medical drama that “will ruin our lives.” Rhimes will produce this show along with Beers, who is also a producer for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Joining them would be Clack and is said to be in charge of writing duties. Clack is one of the writers of “Grey’s Anatomy” who has been with the series since Season 1. She has a vast background in medicine — a master’s degree on Public Health and had even “developed an emergency medicine program.”

The medical drama, according to Vulture, will definitely not be a “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off but fans can somehow expect some similar ideas.

Although the project is still unnamed at the moment, its addition to the “Shondaland series” will be the third sale of the current season in the ABC Studios. Popular TV series “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Scandal” are also major projects of Rhimes aired on ABC.

The new show will “center on a U.S. Army Medevac team whose job it is to save lives while risking their own. They operate out of an oddly Americanized base camp in Baghdad, circa 2004, where they get on each others’ nerves, sleep with the wrong people, navigate ‘office’ politics and party like there’s no tomorrow,” as explained by Hollywood Reporter.

“Shondaland series” fans will still have to await more details on this upcoming project.