‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 New Trailer: 6 Revelations After McDreamy’s Death


Fans of the popular medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” are probably eager to know anything and everything they can about the upcoming Season 12. The wait is over and the official Season 12 trailer is here to give you a peek into what the upcoming season is about to bring.

The 20-second clip shows Amelia going full-force at the wall with a hammer, while Maggie punches someone in the face. Amelia is taking on home renovation and Maggie looks surprised at her own action. The change in tone of the show, with it being more out there and upbeat comes across in the promo.

As Ellen Pompeo shared with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), “You are about to find out that everything has changed,” and so appears to be the case. The very intense tone from the previous season seems to be replaced with a light and upbeat one.

Commenting on the change in tone from the 11th season of the show, Pompeo told Entertainment Weekly, “We were telling volatile stories, and this year we’re going to turn over the soil, and the show has a lighter look. It’s brighter. We’re trying to go back a little bit more to the original Grey’s and have a little bit of a lighter tone this year.”

Shonda Rhimes had previously shared with THR referring to the earlier seasons of the show that pulled fans into all the drama, “I missed the banter and the fun of that. I missed their quickness and lightness.”

And now as the trailer is proof, fans will get to enjoy a much lighter post-McDreamy era and the depressed and intense tone of the last season with McDreamy passing away, has been done away. With Meredith now being single and Mer living with her sisters-in-law, there is bound to be much humour and fun.

Fans can catch the Season 12 “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere on Sept. 24, Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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