Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump has given birth to her third child with her husband Jared Kushner. Arrival of the third baby was a treat this Easter for the family.

Donald wanted the baby to be born in Iowa, so as to be called an Iowa baby as a part of his campaign. “I said, ‘Ivanka, it would be great if you had your baby in Iowa.’ I really want that to happen. I really want that to happen,” he told a group of veterans in Iowa.

“I’m sure there are great hospitals here,” Ivanka told supporters in New Hampshire. Weeks before a new heir to the Trump’s throne was to be born, Donald’s daughter posted on Instagram: “I am looking forward to a year filled with love, laughter and adventure with my incredible husband, Jared, and our (growing) family.” Ivanka’s brother Donald Jr. said his children were “thrilled” to be in company of another cousin when Ivanka announced her pregnancy.

Trump’s grandchildren surrounded him in his office in the month of November, as shown during the ABC interview with Barbara Walters. “He’s at a different stage in his life, he’s able to relax a little bit more and be a grandfather. I can see my kids just running up to him and giving a hug,” said Donald Jr., father of five. “They just respect him a lot,” he said.

Ivanka, who is a businesswoman and has her own clothing line, had devoted a great deal of her time to support her father during the Presidential campaign. The child was born at 5:43 p.m. EST and has been named as Theodore James, according to E!Online . Theodore James is born to siblings Joseph Frederick, 2, and Arabella Rose, 4½. Jared Kushner owns The New York Observer and the real estate holding company Kushner Properties, Vanity Fair reports.