A man accused of taking part in the gang rape of a teenage girl at a party in Western Sydney lost his bid for bail on Wednesday. The men allegedly took turns in raping the girl and recorded the act on a GoPro camera.

Tristan Carlyle-Watson invited the 16-year-old girl to a party in St. Clair after meeting her on Facebook. The girl was allegedly given alcohol and cannabis before being raped by several men. A short while later, the girl blacked out and drifted in and out of consciousness as she was being gang raped, News.com.au reported.

The NSW Supreme Court heard during the bail hearing on Wednesday that the men purportedly raped the teenager in turns and recorded the whole act on a GoPro camera. Carlyle-Watson was allegedly caught laughing in the video.

“In May, police seized a GoPro camera as part of a police operation targeting graffiti offences and found a video depicting multiple sexual assaults of a teenage girl by a number of male offenders,” the ABC quoted a statement released by the NSW police last year following the arrests of five men who took part in the attacks. “Police will allege up to eight males were in the room at the time of the assaults, with a number of them sexually assaulting the girl.”

Justice David Davies said on Wednesday that the footage depicted that during the attacks, the girl was at times unconscious while at other times she seemed heavily inebriated. He added that it was reasonable to infer that the drinks she was given were spiked.

However, the video footage did not show Carlyle-Watson taking part in the rape as alleged by the victim. His lawyer said that the girl’s memories from that period cannot be fully trusted.

“Her first recollection was that she had no idea that she had sex with anyone. That was the first thing that she told her friends,” the News.com.au quoted the lawyer as saying before the court. “It was only when the police had access to the GoPro that they saw the footage, and made inquiries and spoke to her.”

If convicted, Carlyle-Watson can be charged with life imprisonment.