Google’s Project Shield to Protect News Sites From DDoS Attacks

It’s quite apparent that the internet isn’t exactly the safest place to be in. There are tons of harmful content scattered across the world wide web, and there are also distributed denial-of-service attacks, also known as DDoS attacks that stop websites dead in its tracks. Now, Google is finally opening its Project Shield to any news site in order to help them thwart such attacks.

Once an invite-only program, Project Shield offered free DDoS protection to news websites that apply for it. The project targeted small websites that don’t have the financial resources to pay for expensive protection to stop cyber attacks from happening. Now that it’s out of its invite-only phase, news sites will now be better protected from such attacks that are aimed at their websites.

Project Shield works by directing visitors through Google’s domain name servers and then filters out any malicious traffic that’s on the way. According to the search engine giant, the data it collects are only for educational purposes, learning more about the attacks, and it won’t be used for ad purposes. The raw data it collects will then be deleted after a span of 14 days.

“Just about anyone who’s published anything interesting has come under an attack at some point,” Project Shield leader George Conard told Wired. “The smaller and more independent voices often don’t have the resources, whether technical or financial, to really put good protections in place … That’s where we come into the picture.”

In essence, Project Shield will allow users to sign up for Google’s domain name servers instead of their own. The traffic directed to the site will be routed through the search engine giant’s “reverse proxy” server that will strain malicious traffic.

Google isn’t looking for revenues with Project Shield. Rather, it’s the company’s plans to better its performance when it comes to people searching for information. Those who want to join in can do so can head to the official Project Shield website and sign up.

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