Huawei’s partnership with Google for a Nexus device has proven successful. With the Nexus 6P being one of the most powerful and feature-packed smartphones to date, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has now established a solid reputation in the worldwide device market. It doesn’t look like the company is planning to stop anytime soon, however. New reports suggest that Huawei plans on capitalising on its success as the company files for a trademark for what seems to be a Huawei 7P, and it could actually be the up and coming Google Nexus 7P that has been the subject of rumours and speculations as of late.

Huawei has a strong portfolio of devices, with its P-series as its annual flagship handset. However, the line-up has the letter before the number, whereas the trademark filing shows the letter coming after the number. What’s more, if the naming sequence is any indication, then 7P would actually come after 6P.

However, the trademark filing doesn’t actually divulge plenty of details as to what exactly the Huawei 7P is. The description on the file does indicate that the device in question is a handset, a wearable or a smart device of the sort, but it doesn’t offer much on how different it is from the Google Nexus 6P that came out last year. If the name and number are any indications, the Huawei 7P could actually be a 7-inch slate to replace the second generation of Nexus 7 from Asus.

Huawei could also plan to have a new line-up instead of going with the purported Google Nexus 7P. After all, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih mentioned that the company creating the third generation of the 7-inch tablet is a possibility, so the Chinese handset manufacturer could have its own plans with the trademark.

Worst case scenario, the trademark filing is simply a name and nothing more. There have been previous filings of trademarks, patents, and the like before but that doesn’t mean that a device will materialise out of them.