When Apple launched the 4-inch iPhone which had OEMs similar to iPhone 6S, it has created a trend in the technology market. Google, meanwhile, will be unveiling mini Nexus 2016 soon. Similarly, Samsung will be launching Samsung S7 mini anytime soon.

The South Korean company, Samsung adapts itself according to consumer’s demands. Its flagship device aims to satisfy all needs. Neurogadget notes that Google will get inspiration from Samsung and the device would sport a 4.5-inch display rather than a 5.1-inch screen. The smaller version of Nexus 2016 would be powered by snapdragon 820 quad-core processor and the camera would remain the same 12 MP at the rear with dual-pixel and ultra-fast autofocus.

Motorola made a mark with its first Moto X, but if it will build the Nexus Mini, the company will have to equip the latest Snapdragon processor otherwise it is unlikely to attract the buyers.

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The HTC One M7 impressed critics as well as Android fans with its beautiful metallic design. The critics were so amazed by the design that they considered the device to be the Android version of Apple’s iPhone. Android fans would be elated if HTC would bring back the One M7-like design and infused with upgraded internal components and its camera.

Over the time, Google has partnered with many known brands and the latest Nexus 6P was manufactured in collaboration with Huawei. The phablet had a 5.7-inch screen and if it will be trimmed down, it will come under mid-tier smartphone with metallic, high-end specs offered at a reasonable price.

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It is worth noting that LG Nexus 5 had also received rave reviews for its aspect and performance. The handset was available at lower than $400. It will be good to hear that LG would reinvent it and will come up with a smartphone that will be worth buying.