Google I/O event is scheduled for next month, and Google has posted a big list of agenda for the event. It seems that the firm intends to talk a lot about virtual reality.

This year, “VR” is an entire content track at Google I/O and almost seven sessions has been allocated to “Google’s Vision for VR.” Generally, Google I/O session contains a description of at least one paragraph, but this time, it had a single sentence that reads, “what we have built, what we have learned, and where we are headed.” Apparently, Google is trying to avoid spoilers.

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The head of Google’s new VR division, Clay Bavor will lead the talk.

Google is trying to expand its base in the VR market, and it has already launched a VR painting app named “Tilt Brush.” The app supports “VR Videos” on YouTube with 3D, 360-degree video formats.

Google Cardboard is venturing into the VR market by producing the cheapest possible platform – a smartphone in a cardboard box.

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Recently, the company had acquired Thrive Audio, a positional 3D audio company, and Android N will have the VR features. Ars Technica notes that the company had shifted some of its most important employees to the VR team, such as the former lead designer of Google Search, Jon Wiley, and the former lead designer for Firefox, Google Now, and Android Wear, Alex Faaborg.

As of now, few details are available. Rumours have it that Google is developing a VR interface for Android, a standalone VR headset, a Gear VR competitor, and custom SoCs aimed at VR and AR.

Apart from Google’s Vision of VR, rumours are rife that the company is developing a “VR & Cinema” and it be headed by the company’s “Principal Filmmaker for VR”, Jessica Brillhart.

The Search-engine giant had already released some 360-degree videos with Google Spotlight Stories and speculations claims that a gaming focus called “Live coding: Make a virtual reality game” is in the development stage.