Google on Wednesday introduced Google Home to compete with Amazon Echo. However, the device will not be launched until fall.

Google Home has a voice assistant that answer our voice commands through has a small speaker. This works similar to that to Alexa, the artificial intelligence voice assistant of Amazon Echo. In recent months, Amazon Echo has surged in popularity.

So we have come up with three reason that makes Google Home better and three arguments stating that Amazon’s Echo will continue to lead:

Best Things About Google Home

Google Home is connected with Google search, and the assistant would offer much smarter results for queries. A demo during Google I/O conference showed that the assistant will also come up with better follow-up questions.

Google offers a customisable base of the device which allows users to change a look that fits their style. However, how many option will be available is not known, but users can expect several choices.

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Google Home has notification feature. This would intimate the user with a beep, whenever the user would say, “OK, Google” Home would give a warning to a user that their flight was delayed by 30 minutes, notes Google’s blog. On the other hand, Echo does not have a notification as a primary feature.

Best Things About Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is compatible with a lot of devices. It is connected with a lot of smart home devices such as bulbs, refrigerators, and car tech. It can also control several apps like Spotify and Uber.

For customers who think Amazon Echo is expensive, there is a lot of other options that works similar to Echo. Amazon Tap is a smaller battery-operated portable version which is less expensive, if not Echo Dot is available. It is even smaller in size compared to above devices that allow users to add Alexa to another room.

However, users will have compromise with the built-in quality but, it has wireless communication with other speakers through Bluetooth or a supplied audio cable.

To note that there are two critical factors that are unknown yet:

USA Today notes that the Echo has strong voice recognition and responsiveness. If Home and Google assistant fails to understand what user is saying, Google search won’t be worth much.

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The cost of Home is still not known. Echo cost ranges from $89.99 (US$ 123) for the Dot to $179.99 (US$248) for the main Echo. Price decision of Google will determine whether Home will make its entry in consumers’ homes.