The leaked details of the upcoming Google Glass 2 suggest the new Glass version is more durable than its predecessor, and is foldable and waterproof.

Fortune magazine said the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, or “EE,” will basically look like its predecessor, the Explorer Edition, with a few differences inside and out.

9to5Google quoted sources familiar with Enterprise Edition prototypes stating the version includes a larger prism display for a better viewing experience, an Intel Atom processor that brings better performance, moderately improved battery life, and better heat management.

These are significant upgrades from the Explorer Edition, which suffered from incredibly short battery life, heat problems, and lackluster performance.

Expedition Edition has been pulled in January following poor sales and mixed reviews.

The second generation Glass is built for workplace environment and it is more robust and rugged in design, 9to5Google added.

It is more durable, water resistant, and with an aesthetic better suited to the workplace, Fortune magazine said.

The Daily Mail noted the most noticeable new feature of Enterprise Edition which is its robust hinge to allow the battery and computer modules to fold down like a regular pair of glasses, as well as a hinge on the other side.

Meanwhile, Fortune magazine said Google is rumored to be planning to test the new device through its certified Google for Work program participants.

Earlier last month, DroidLife reported a test report was filed to the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) stating Google has a new product in the works under FCC ID A4R-GG1.

DroidLife said the FCC filing suggest the device is some sort of wearable and could be a new Glass.

Google has yet to announce when the new Glass will be launched.

The previous Google Glass headset was launched in a beta version under the firm’s Explorer program. This allowed software developers the chance to buy Glass for $1,500 (£990), and was launched in the US in 2013 and in the UK in last summer, the Daily Mail said.