This Thursday morning will be etched in the minds of the citizens of Gold Coast for quite a while. Just as every other day, staff and customers at a Gold Coast McDonald’s were going about with their routines when a woman was shot in the head.

The tragic incident occurred when a woman entered McDonald’s this morning and was shot by a man believed to be related to the victim. To complicate matters even further, the man shot himself in the head and according to “[the man] is in critical condition at the Gold Coast University Hospital where he’s being treated for a head wound, police said.”

The relation between the man and woman is still unknown, but it’s believed that the man followed the woman into the restaurant. The police was quick to respond and gave CPR to both the victim and the suspect as soon as they arrived.

The police is speaking to the witnesses and will examine the CCTV footage from inside the store which will help the case.

“It is quite a graphic and tragic incident that has occurred. Some (witnesses) are really quite distraught, to be honest,” Detective Inspector Mark White said in a statement.


This incident has occurred on ‘RU OK? Day’. Queensland Ambulance Service acting senior operations supervisor Gavin Fuller requested citizens to “Please speak to someone and let them know you’re not feeling the best and that you need some help,” notes

Staff as well as customers present at the sight will receive counselling.

This isn’t the first time Queensland has witnessed violence in the recent past. This shooting comes just days after violence in south-east Queensland.

Earlier this week, a Gold Coast mother, Tara Brown, was brutally attacked in her car which led to her death, Yahoo7 reports.

Another machete attack in Brisbane happened last Thursday morning.

The restaurant and its parking area will remain shut as of now for investigation purposes.