Australians found a new love – vegan foods. Aussies are known to be meat lovers, but apparently they are getting into a lesser meat and more vegan food lifestyles these days.

According to Google Trends, Australia has googled the word“vegan” more than anyone in the world and topped Google’s worldwide searches for the word.

Apparently, Aussies google the word “vegan” more than anyone in the world. The country ranked ahead of New Zealand and then Canada. It also showed that all those “vegan” searches in Australia, Tasmanian residents are leading the list.

Suzy Spoon, owner of Newtown’s Suzy Spoon’s Vegan Butcher told that she is not surprised by Australia’s position in Google’s data. “I think there has been a massive surge in the interest of veganism and I believe it’s because of the internet … People are interested in where their food comes from. They google it and then realise that factory farming is not a pretty picture. I think this has been a massive push for veganism and has really changed the landscape for veganism and vegetarianism.”

If you are thinking to go vegan as well, here are top five vegan products to try in Australia.

1. Pana Chocolate

The company makes luxurious chocolate using vegan, organic ingredients with no added sugar, and produced using minimal heat. Pana Cholocate is also the exclusive chocolate provider for Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

You may buy their products online or you can also check their shop at 491 Church St, Richmond VIC | 21 Fountain St, Alexandria NSW and other locations across Australia.

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2.Cherry Darlings Bakehouse

This cruelty-free bakery in South Australia opened in June 2014. They offer vegan cakes, pies, cup cakes and other treats.

“[Veganism] has become more mainstream, losing that ‘hippie edge’. There’s more famous people doing it, more documentaries on the effects of animal agriculture and people are now starting to connect the dots so they’re trying to make changes in their life,” said owner Tim Salmon.

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3. Otis Beanery

Otis Beanery is a vegan food business based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Head chef Alan Whykes teaches vegan cookery, food preservation, fermentation and a variety kitchen skills through their workshops.  They are also developing unique product offerings in the area of edible flowers, publishing and vegan travel. 

4. Lord of Fries

Lord of Fries is on top of KIIS FM’s list of “6 of the Best Places To Get Hot Chips In Sydney.” It is a completely vegetarian fast food that offers healthy but mouth-savory burger and fries.

5. Redwin Sensitive Skin

The beauty company’s ranges of NutriMoist, NutriCare and NutriGlow Body Lotions and Coconut Balm, Body Butter and Oil are all 100% vegan and Australian owned and made, Vogue Australia wrote. In addition, Redwin’s products are all affordable.

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#RedwinSensitiveSkin #Sarbolene #bodywash #HandLotion #BodyLotion 😁😘😍

A photo posted by kurnia amelia (@kurniaameliaa) on