Inbox by Gmail, Google’s once invite-only email client that promises to deliver better email handling and events tracking, has been a welcome tool for everyone who handles bulks of mail that come from a lot of people. Since its incarnation, it has received a bevy of updates to improve its purpose. Now, the search engine giant has just announced that it has made another upgrade to further increase your productivity.

1. Google Calendar Events gets better

It’s quite difficult to get a hold of a proper procedure in tracking your inbox because of the plethora of details and messages that come with them. Furthermore, there are even times that people change their minds and settle for a rain check instead. Now, Inbox will collect emails from a single event altogether to show users updated info with just a simple glance. Whenever users tap on an event, there will a more comprehensive view of details that are collected in one single place.

2. Users can now get Newsletter Information at a glance

Usually, people subscribe to a website’s newsletter in order for them to get the latest information about what they follow first hand. Now, Google’s inbox has made it easier for users as it now allows previewing newsletters that are read and clicked often. Tapping on the sender of the newsletter will produce a glanceable list of articles, and another tap will lead you to the full list of items that are on the newsletter. Furthermore, there will also be a list of related items that may pique your interest.

3. Links can now be Saved to Inbox

More often than not, users receive emails that contain links that contain important information for further reading. There are even cases where they send email to themselves in hopes to be reminded of it at a later time. To make it easier for you, there is now a “Save to Inbox” feature on Gmail to let you save links and read them later on. Users can do this by simply sharing the link to Inbox on Android or iOS on mobile.