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Gissendaner Georgia Execution Pushed Through on Tuesday; First Female Death Row

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Despite delays in the scheduled execution of Kelly Gissendaner, the accused was executed on Tuesday.

NBC notes that witnesses saw Gissendaner sing “Amazing Grace” before she was given lethal injection at the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Gissendaner, 47, was convicted of murder in February 1997 after she was found out to have convinced her lover to murder her husband, Douglas Gissendaner.

Douglas’ family, as reported on CNN, said that Kelly Gissendaner “was given more rights and opportunity over the last 18 years than she ever afforded to Doug” who was the victim.

Before the execution, her lawyers had three appeals for stay of execution but the US Supreme Court denied them.

The BBC notes that her lawyers told the board that Gissendaner “had undergone a transformation in prison, offering support to troubled inmates and showing remorse for her own crime.”

Even former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Norman Flether mentioned in BBC’s report that “Gissendaner’s death sentence is disproportionate to the crime that she committed” as the latter only encouraged her then-lover Gregory Owen to kill her husband.

CNN mentioned that one of her lawyers, Attorney Susan Casey, said “Gissendaner’s children are heartbroken.”

Her daughter, Kayla Gissendaner, said, “my dad would not want my mom to be executed, even knowing her role in his murder. He would not want us to endure another devastating loss.”

The Pope also sent a letter thru his representative asking for Gissendaner’s life to be spared. It is to be recalled that the Pope called to put an end to death penalty in the US in his visit last week.

As reported on The Guardian, five other executions are scheduled across the United States in the next nine days.

At exactly 12:21 a.m. on Wednesday, Kelly Gissendaner was executed. She is now considered as the first female convicted in Georgia in seventy years.

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