Before you go on reading this article, beware of the Girl Meets World season 3 spoilers that follows. Girl Meets World is on midway on its season 3. So far Maya and Riley have been trying their best to keep their friendship intact despite the turmoils of high school life.

While the upcoming episode Girl Meets Upstate summary is yet to be revealed, fans are might just see the theme

The last episode entitled ‘Girl Meets Triangle’ has Maya losing her identity in their art class, ending up like a Riley in her art class.

Hall of Fame Magazine speculated Riley played by Rowan Blanchard will delight fans and viewers once again with her innocent and funny side.

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Shawn Hunter, played by Rider Strong, may also appear in episode 6. It is slated to air on July 8.

Will Shawn Hunter bring the Upstate side of the equation for the next episode? Hailing from Boy Meets World, popular kid Shawn Hunter has long since changed his trouble making ways. He has since took a writing career and as luck would have it, currently resides in New York. Could the upstate mean New York?

It would not be far fetch to think that especially when Shawn is close to Maya who is Riley’s best friend. Shawn also shares a strong attachment with Riley being the third person to hold her as a baby.

Meanwhile, Hunter is also currently dating Maya’s mother which would likely have him as a parent-substitute.

Whether Riley and Maya will go upstate or not is up to the fans to speculate. However, what is known is the episode will definitely be awaited after a two weeks’ hiatus.

Will Riley finally be able to come terms with who she is? Will her world grow bigger with a presumed visit upstate to Shawn?

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Or will Shawn, if he truly ever makes an appearance on episode 6, influence her regarding writing?

Girl Meets World season 3 spoilers are few and scarce to begin with. But what fans sure want to see is for Riley, Maya and Lucas’ love triangle solved, Movie News Guide notes.

Hopefully, Riley and Maya will still be friends after this huge love problem is over.