Yanic Truesdale revealed that fans can expect something new from Michel Gerard in the “Gilmore Girls” reboot.

The actor shared details about his character in the upcoming reboot of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix. Truesdale appeared on the series from 2000 to 2007 as Michel Gerard. He spent most of his time on the show then at the Dragonfly Inn. Hence, he’s hyped about the chance to feature Gerard in a whole new light outside the inn.

“We kind of haven’t seen Michel outside of work, really. I think very rarely he was outside of the inn. And we didn’t know much about his personal life. So this time is different. We know much more. That is nice for me as an actor because it gives me a backstory. It gives me meat for the character because he, you know, I definitely have an arc and stuff going on in my personal life that affect the character. So the fans can expect to discover more about Michel,” Truesdale revealed to US Weekly.

However, Truesdale could not comment when asked if his Michel would get a love interest in the reboot. He only assured that audiences will get to know him better this time around. Truesdale also revealed his closeness to co-star Lauren Graham. Most of his character’s scenes in the series involved the actress. Hence, they’ve been friends for 15 years. He likened his character’s relationship with Lorelai as that of siblings. Despite their constant banter over an unanswered telephone, Truesdale shared that Michel would always have Lorelai’s best interests at heart.

Netflix has yet to announce the premiere date for the “Gilmore Girls” reboot. However, actress Lauren Graham was happy to announce their official title on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month. Based on her revelations, fans can look forward to four 90-minute episodes from “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Each episode would represent the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. Sources believed this could be in reference to the series’ theme song “Where You Lead” by Carole King.

Fans can also expect actress Melissa McCarthy to be back in her role as Sookie St. James. It would be interesting to find out about the latest mischievous antics of the trio from the Dragonfly Inn.