Gilmore Girls on Netflix: 10 Best Moments of Rory & Lorelai


In what can only be called good news fro some fans, “Gilmore Girls” will be returning!

A limited-series revival could possibly hit production and Netflix has indeed sealed the deal with Warner Bros., as confirmed by TV Line. Talks with the stars on the original series have only begun, but it won’t be “Gilmore Girls” without our own Rory and Lorelai.  Fans can keep their fingers crossed as more details about the upcoming season surfaces.

Let’s take a look back at some heart-warming moments with Rory and Lorelai that forever captured our hearts:

1. When Rory thanked Lorelai in her valedictorian speech and let her mother know, that she is the best mom in the world.

2. When Rory cried her heart out over her first heartbreak. She has Lorelai by her side and the worried mother advised her daughter to wallow.

3. The moment when the D-day arrived: the letter from Harvard. The anticipation followed by Rory’s decision.

4. When Rory also thanked her grandparents during her valedictorian speech; great tears were shed.

5. When both Richard and Emily gave Rory a big hug, elated with her decision to go to Yale.

6. As noted by BuzzFeed, the moment when Rory got drunk over Logan and again, her mother was by her side.

7. Rory shared the news that she got the job and Lorelai being extremely encouraging and supporting asked Rory to do away with all her doubts.

8. When Rory gave assurances to Lorelai that she would be all right all by herself out there in the world.

9. Rory left for her work on Obama’s campaign, when in a perfect family moment, Emily and Richard conveyed to her that they couldn’t have been more proud to have Rory as their granddaughter.

10. The emotional time when Rory and Lorelai hadn’t spoken for a long time but came together again when Rory dropped out of Yale. The moment probably had all fans in tears.

“Gilmore Girls” fans must keep on coming back for more updates.

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