A giant UFO spotted hidden in clouds was caught live on camera in Belgium. A footage recorded by a space enthusiast captured on May 12 this year indicates an another proof of aliens, according to Mirror.

Scott Waring, who runs a UFO channel, UFO Sightings Daily, shared a footage on his website claiming to have recorded a weird alien saucer in the clouds.

The video unravels a fact that UFOs hide in clouds and form clouds around them.It shows a strange rectangular cloud formation which could cloak a UFO  in clouds.

Waring said in the post: “It’s a well-known fact that not only do UFOs hide in clouds, they actually create clouds around them.”

“The 1957 Fort Belvoir, Virginia incident is an example of this. Back then a soldier took photos of a black UFO ring that headed over the base but changed from a ring to a disk cloud in just under a minute.”

“But his amazing set of photos, while it was changing, was groundbreaking for all to prove that UFOs do make clouds.”


Waring shared another footage of a UFO, believed to be “10-mile-wide in size”, hovering at high altitude above the earth, reports Inquisitr. That is about 16 kilometers wide!

While watching NASA live cam, he spotted a white big disc cloud cloaked above the earth. He said as per his experiences and deep research, “all clouds are not clouds”.

Well other UFO hunters believe that spaceships use cloud cloaking technique to hide from getting noticed by UFO skeptics.


This is not the first time that a cloud cloaking has amazed people.

A similar cloud formation in February in Las Vegas, New Mexico reminded people of the 1996 film Independence Day. Inhabitants noticed a lenticular cloud formation rumored to be an alien spaceship above the city.

With all of that, do you think aliens are spying on us ? Are cloud formations hidden UFOs? Let me see your comments.