‘Ghostbusters 3’ Cast Chris Hemsworth? Leaked Set Video Hints Thor Joins Movie

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“Ghostbusters 3” is now filming its way to theaters. Following updates and news about the movie, videos were leaked on the internet suggesting that Chris Hemsworth will be joining the cast. What will “Thor” be doing in the film? Read on to find out.

Hemsworth’s involvement in the upcoming movie has already been confirmed by Slash Film. The Aussie hunk will be playing as Kevin, the Ghostbuster’s receptionist, the site reported.

Notably, the leaked “Ghostbusters 3” filming videos show a blonde male standing in front of what seems to be the Ghostbusters Headquarters with a motorcycle, known to fans as Ecto 2. The actor suddenly wiggles, looking like he was being “possessed by a ghost,” notes Comicbook.com.

Is it really Hemsworth on the clips?

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Apparently, not.

According to the Daily Mail, Liam Hemsworth’s brother is currently in Surrey, England, filming the movie “The Huntsman”. However, it is the actor’s look-a-like stunt double that has been filming dangerous scenes for him instead. The double also had a “Kevin” nameplate which, confirming that Hemsworth’s character would be on a Ghostbuster suit.

Comicbook.com also suggests that the “Thor” actor could be the only male member of the Ghostbusters, aside from being their receptionist.

“Maybe the Ghostbuster ask for his help, or maybe he feels his help could be needed at a critical moment and takes it upon himself to put on the costume?” the site noted.

While the plot of “Ghostbusters 3” has yet to be revealed, it has already been confirmed that one of the original members of the 1984 cult hit will be having a cameo appearance.

Another Slash Film report confirms that Dan Aykroyd will have a brief appearance on the film reboot.

“Ghostbusters 3” will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.

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