The mystery remains for How To Get Away With Murder Season 3. Who is the person underneath the sheet? Each week for ‘HTGAWM’ is becoming more intense as it reveals who is safe from the house fire.

In an interview with Variety, last week’s episode revealed that aside from the person underneath the sheet, there’s another body in the burning house found by the firefighters. Fortunately, the person has a pulse.

Matt McGorry who plays Asher Millstone in the show revealed that even them who play big roles weren’t able to know who is going to die when they have filmed most of the season.

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“We filmed most of the season thus far without knowing who it was, which is definitely a difficult thing in some ways,” he tells in the interview. He shares how it was difficult to shoot without any clue as well.

Obviously, Asher is safe for the potential victims as his fate remains to be seen. However, he teased that it could be anyone. To everyone’s surprise, it’s definitely someone playing a major role in the show.

McGorry adds in response to who the mysterious dead person is: “It’s an impactful death. It’s not insignificant. It could be anyone, and it’s something that is really going to heavily impact everyone — and the cast, too. I think it will definitely rock the viewers.”

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Meanwhile, in a recap report by E! News, Asher leads a case for the first time and his feelings for Michaela seems to be seen obvious. Fans should know in the upcoming episodes if they could have a romantic relationship throughout the show.

“I think it’s something that Asher’s definitely pushing for and he’s very interested in making into something official,” McGorry confessed about his character.

Hence, the lack of comfort and love from Asher’s family are the reasons why he continuously finds someone who would provide him that.

 “How To Get Away With Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.