How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Actor Slips on Dead Body Reveal?

How to Get Away with Murder season 3

Just like the show’s big reveals, the How to Get Away with Murder season 3 premiere dropped another dead body bomb. The events surrounding that mysterious person’s death happens in the future. Therefore, the audience will only learn of the body’s true identity towards the season’s end, or its winter finale. However, did a remark from one of the show’s stars just reveal who that dead person is?

A major slip like that is unlikely to happen. Furthermore, given the show’s mysterious nature, actors would try their best to keep what happens next a secret.

Still, a comment from Jack Falahee–who plays Connor Walsh–is bothersome. An article from E! Online quotes the actor as saying, “Yeah, I mean there could be [hope] if they both stay alive!”

The statement comes after showrunner Pete Nowalk discusses the breakup and future of Coliver (Connor and Oliver). Nowalk himself was pretty optimistic, saying there’s hope for the lovers. He even adds that Connor and Oliver are “two people who are really good together.”

Nowalk’s views are certainly music to Coliver fans. However, Falahee just had to ruin it with his comment.

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 kills Oliver?

Though it could simply be a joke, the statement is bothersome in that it hints that either Connor or Oliver dies. However, given fans’ discussion and theories, it appears that Oliver is the likely candidate under that sheet.

A common contention to support this theory is Oliver’s background. Many would agree that he’s a good person simply dragged in the Keating Five’s mess. Hence, without his involvement with Connor, he wouldn’t turn into a person who could “be bad too.”

However, now that he’s in deep, there are consequences. Some fans fear that that consequence is Oliver’s death.

Still, it’s too early in the season to know for sure. Perhaps more clues in later episodes will debunk this theory.

Stay tuned for more updates on How to Get Away with Murder season 3.

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