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Germany to Continue Security Aid, Only if Afghan Refugees are Stopped

Afghan refugees

Germany’s interior minister stated that the country had promised to continue to provide security support to  Afghanistan if the influx of  Afghan refugees  would stop.

Thomas de Maizière during his visit to Kabul said, “We’re staying here as long as it’s necessary. But we also expect that the Afghan population stays here.”

The interior minister also claimed that the people of Germany asked question on why the Afghan refugees came to Germany when the country was already providing security assistance in Afghanistan. He added, “There are still many (safe) provinces in the north. But also inside areas that aren’t so stable, there are safe areas.” He asked the Afghans to stay in their country to build  the country up.

He warned Afghan’s not to give in to the rumours spread by groups engaged in trafficking people. He further stated that there will be no welcome money in Germany and no guarantee of jobs or an apartment. Mr. Maizière also promised that Germany would offer financial help for the re-establishment of the returned migrants.

It is noteworthy that since 2003 Germany has been engaged in operations in Afghanistan. It has trained more than 73,000 Afghan police personnel. The NATO mission in Afghanistan officially concluded in 2014 since then almost 980 German troops are operating in the country. These troops are in the country performing training and advisory role.

According to The New York Times, the German cabinet took significant decisions to tighten the asylum policies of the country. The decision had been taken in the wake of the Cologne assaults. The Cabinet had approved a two-year ban on family re-unifications and excluded three African countries from its asylum lists.

Reportedly, the Federal Office for Migrations and Refugees (BAMF) registered the number of Afghan applicants went up to 150,000 last year. In 2014 the number was 9,700. Afghans refugees have become the second largest group of asylum seekers in Germany. It is the second country as regard the number of asylum seekers after Syria.

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