A German passport appears to be the best travel document for crossing international borders. The Germans are most likely to get the chance for the greatest mobility in the world of travelling.

Based on the 2016 Visa Restrictions Index, a German passport can take a traveler to 177 out of the 218 countries without any visa. From the annual list compiled by Henley and Partners, it indicated that the US dropped this year to fourth place while Sweden, which gives access to 176 countries without a visa, ranks behind Germany. Countries that are tied for third place are France, Finland, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain, making the Western and Northern European travelers the most privileged when it comes to international travel.

German passport topped the list because of some reasons. According to Henley and Partners, the benchmark that a country may consider when providing a visa-free entry to the citizens of other countries are security risks, reciprocal visa arrangements, diplomatic relationships between their countries or the risks involving the violation of visa terms.

South Korea and Japan used to be in the top three positions in 2014 and 2015 yet slid down only to the sixth and fifth place respectively for the year 2016. Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium stand with the U.S. in the fourth place.

Meanwhile, border controls near the airport of Prague, the Czech Republic has been lifted already in 2008 when it became the member state of border-free Schengen Area, including others.

Henley and Partners have observed that no country has ever dropped over three places while a few made great leaps. The company has concluded that the freedom of movement as far as visa-free access is concerned has greatly improved.

In other news, Australia and the United Kingdom have announced their plans to make the visa requirements to further ease in order to attract more Chinese tourists,  CNN reported.