George Zimmerman said he sold the gun that was used to kill Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012 for US$250,000 (AU$340,000).

On Friday, Zimmerman told a Las Vegas TV station that he would be accepting a bid for US$250,000 after the auction for the gun closed on Wednesday.

Denny Honeycutt, a bar owner based in Daytona Beach, Florida told a local newspaper that Zimmerman initially accepted his bid for US$150,000 (AU$207,000), but backed out when a woman, who wanted to buy the gun as a birthday gift for her son, offered a higher bid, according to CBS News.

Zimmerman’s decision to sell the Kel-Tec PF9 9mm handgun on United Gun Group’s website drew mixed reactions from the public. He garnered praise from a few and scorn from critics, who alleged that he was trying to benefit financially from Martin’s death.

United Gun Group issued a statement on the day the bidding closed, saying it has no regrets of hosting the auction and that it will not be making any other comments.

Zimmerman also released a statement on his own website that same day, saying that the auction has “raised funds for several worthy causes.”

He added that he will use the earnings to neutralize violence against law enforcement officers by the Black Lives Matter group and fight off the “anti-firearm rhetoric” made by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to Reuters.

Before he was able to sell the gun, Zimmerman had previous unsuccessful attempts at getting websites to auction it. He was set to sell it on Gun Broker on Thursday morning, but the site backed out and dropped it altogether.

Two other websites where he tried to sell the gun removed the ads before United Gun Group stepped in and told Zimmerman that they would be selling it.

The United States is no stranger to gun-related violence, and just five months ago President Obama urged for stricter gun rules and encouraging American voters to not vote for candidates who are in favor of guns.