Another reason of alleged divorce between George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney has surfaced and a report indicated that it was because he refused to protect her against terrorists who threaten her.

The International Business Times cited a report published by National Inquirer which claimed Amal was “devastated” after her husband refused to accompany her to Maldives, where she was to petition the release of imprisoned Maldives former President Mohammed Nasheed.

The publication’s source apparently claimed that Amal had expressed concerns about her safety and asked George to “keep her safe” on the trip because of an alleged terrorist threat.  However, the actor reportedly turned down his wife’s request, which devastated the human rights lawyer.

Gossip Cop has debunked National Enquirer report and called it “ridiculous and sensationalized tabloid report.” The site added that publication just twisted the story since Amal traveled to Maldives nine month ago to lobby for the release of Nasheed.

Gossip Cop also noted that its source confirmed that the “Money Monsters” actor was busy working during the time that his wife traveled to Maldives, and she never asked to be chaperoned in the first place.

The alleged tension between the couple came amid speculations that the Clooneys are having marital problems because of several issues. Just recently, it was reported that the couple have been fighting over the actor’s plans to have plastic surgery.

George Clooney reportedly wanted to go under the knife as he is concerned about the way his face looks, but the British barrister is not happy about it. IBT noted in a separate report that George can’t stand how old he looks, but his wife “flipped out” when she heard that the actor wanted his face to be carved up.

There were also reports that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks after revelations that the actor nearly ended up in bed with another celebrity before he met his wife. The rumors don’t stop there. There were also speculations that George Clooney and Amal are heading to splitville because the lawyer s having problem getting pregnant due to her alleged weight issues. However, all these reports are baseless and nothing has been proved yet.